Thursday Thoughts – Culture Clash

I was walking home from the shops, as I often do, with M on his bike and E in the stroller. A gentleman of middle eastern descent, possibly in his 40’s, passed by, and stopped to say something.

I say ‘something’ because I’m still not sure what it was, though I asked him to repeat it three times. I believe it was ‘Back?’

Whatever it was, it was definitely a question, and I wondered if he had seen me heading out and was now asking if I was heading back. Or perhaps he was a father of one of the kids at my son’s preschool, and he was asking if I was heading home now. I didn’t know, but I always think I might know people so I answered as best I could by nodding and saying yes. Continue reading

One Epic Night – How Not to Spend a Romantic Evening

My husband and I, we don’t get out much. Partly because my husband hates leaving the house, but mainly because our families live kind of far away and so aren’t available to babysit often. However, last night, thanks to a dear friend, we did get out. Not only that, but we had the most epic night of our lives. Not for the reasons you may think, mind you, but it was epic none the less.

For my birthday in May, a friend of mine made the kindest offer EVER. Since I had “jokingly” told her all I wanted for my birthday was sleep, she presented us with $200 worth of Visa gift cards and – as if that weren’t enough – said she would watch our kids ALL NIGHT LONG so we could go to a hotel and I could sleep. I was blown away by the offer, and almost scared to take her up on it, but after a few months of anticipation last night was THE NIGHT. Our first night away since our oldest was born almost 4 years ago. I had big plans. Fancy dinner. Romantic hotel. And (most importantly), a night of uninterrupted sleep and the best sleep in I have had in years.

Epic, right? Yeah, just wait. Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Even When We’re Watching

Today I was in the kitchen, watching the two boys through the little pass-through as they played in the living room.

They were laughing and giggling, and M was doing something to make his little brother E laugh. His back was to me so I couldn’t tell what exactly was going on, but he seemed to be tickling him with something.

It was lovely to watch them playing so nicely together, as M can be too rough for E at times. I was about to compliment M on being so gentle when he shifted and I suddenly saw what he was doing. Continue reading

Memories in the Mundane

When I was growing up we had dessert after most meals. My family are British by nationality (and heart, and spirit..) so it was referred to as ‘pudding’ even though most of the time it wasn’t actual pudding. Sometimes it was canned fruit in a bowl, but we still called it pudding. We had these little dessert bowls that I loved. There were small silver ones, kinda like this only more 80’s and less classy:51dwoyoo3nl-_sl1200_

Those were pretty cool, but the REALLY special ones – and for some reason we only had 2 despite having 6 people in our family – were these long stemmed imitation crystal ones. Kinda like this, but again, less classy: Continue reading

In Search of Quiet

Pretty much every parent who has ever existed will understand the desire for peace and quiet. Kids, especially the little ones, can be LOUD. Whether it’s screaming in pain, in joy, or because they do not like their yogurt flavour, I feel like preschoolers may be the loudest of the bunch, although I have a toddler now who is giving his older brother a run for his money.

Needless to say, I often just want quiet. My husband is my opposite in this department. He always wants the TV to be on so he has some kind of background noise, where as I very rarely even put music on unless I’m driving. I like silence. Sweet, blessed silence. Continue reading

I Can’t Eat Cake.

I haven’t blogged for ages and this is my third attempt at writing my “I haven’t blogged for ages!” post and for some reason it is just not coming naturally. Maybe the only thing I can write about is angry children and snot?14364859_10157567770100160_6522343111569805823_n.jpg

These children are not angry, but there is snot.

Anyway, long story short, my tablet broke and it was hard for me to type blog posts (got a new computer now, so Yay!) Short story long, I have a hard time finding time to blog. Not because there is no time, more because there’s not much time and while I love blogging and writing in general, I also love watching television and eating potato chips, Continue reading

I Used to Be Funny

There was a time before I had children where I worked a real honest-to-goodness job in an office. Every day I would have a different funny story about something that happened to me – usually on the bus on the way in – and I had a backlog of funny anecdotes for every situation. If conversation centered around eyesight I could throw in a tale about that time that guy at the bus stop told me I was beautiful, before conceding that his opinion didn’t matter much as he only had one eye. When discussion moved to squirrels (as it does, right?), then there was that time Continue reading