About This Blog

When I started this blog, I truthfully didn’t know exactly what it was going to be. I thought it would probably just be a collection of short stories about my days with kids, as I was initially doing it with an aim to extend my ‘slice of life’ Facebook posts.

After writing a few stories, however, and looking into an awful lot of other mom blogs, I started to get a picture of what I wanted this blog to be, and what I DIDN’T want it to be.

My main goal here is authenticity. I don’t want to pretend to be someone I’m not, and I don’t want to edit out the bad parts of life in order to appear a certain way. I am terrible at anything crafty, I yell at my kids more than I would like to, my cooking is sub-par and I am not really great at cleaning. I’m rather clumsy, and I may or may not be too lenient when it comes to certain kinds of safety (I let my kids climb on a lot of things, and often allow them to hold sharp objects). I DO enjoy taking my kids out of the house to events and new places, and I like them to have as many experiences as possible (we’re talking trips to farms and water parks, here, not France or anything).


Kangaroo Farm. I should probably not have put my child’s head so close to that wild marsupial.

But here’s the trend I’d like this blog to counter. When I see a lot of parenting articles and lists posted online, the suggestions are a little over the top. It doesn’t mean they’re bad or invalid, and I might even take a few of them here and there, but ‘Breakfast Ideas for Babies’ may give you the impression that you are somehow required to make fancy breakfasts every day. In the same way, an ‘Activities for Toddlers’ list that includes making sensory bottles and creating felt puppets can look a little daunting. Sure, those things are great to do on occasion, but I want moms to know that Activies for Toddlers can also include giving them a shovel and finding a patch of dirt. Or reading a book. A box will never get old, and you don’t even have to reconfigure it to make it a car.


Sometimes we want to change it up a bit and do something unique or exciting, and I wholeheartedly recommend that, but I want you to know that your day in day out does NOT need to be unique or exciting or creative or pinterest worthy. I truly believe my kids are thriving. They are smart. They are inquisitive. They are soaking up TONS of information at a rate I can’t even fathom and I have never made them pancakes in the shape of teddy bears (Not that there’s anything wrong with pancake teddy bears, and honestly I’ll probably make those for a special breakfast one day. But most days? Toast or cereal. Yogurt if they’re lucky.)

Parenting is complicated enough as it is. If your passion isn’t making thirteen layer cakes in the shape of every character from Paw Patrol, that is ok. And if it is? That’s awesome. I in no way want to belittle cake making. I personally love cake (eating). But not all of us have those gifts and we need to be content with that. Our children will not suffer because of it.

I’m here to show you my OWN Pinterest board, of every day, run of the mill, this- is-how-my-life-looks suggestions and stories so that you know not everyone puts flax seed in everything they bake or sneaks kale into their mac ‘n cheese.

Read and enjoy, and hopefully feel better about yourself, because I am certain you are not a terrible mother.

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