Thursday Thoughts – Even When We’re Watching

Today I was in the kitchen, watching the two boys through the little pass-through as they played in the living room.

They were laughing and giggling, and M was doing something to make his little brother E laugh. His back was to me so I couldn’t tell what exactly was going on, but he seemed to be tickling him with something.

It was lovely to watch them playing so nicely together, as M can be too rough for E at times. I was about to compliment M on being so gentle when he shifted and I suddenly saw what he was doing.

“Bring me the pen.”

(giggles, he puts the lid on.)

“Bring me the pen.”

(he attempts to attach it back to the whiteboard where he stole it from.)


(he brings me the pen)

“M, what do we draw on?”

“I was drawing on his face.”

“Well, yes, I saw that, but I am asking what are we supposed to draw on.”


“Yes. Or the whiteboard. We do not draw on people’s faces.”

“Can I have the pen back now?”

“No. Definitely no.”

I. Was. Right. There.


This photo was taken later at dinner. I left the marker on his face til I had a chance to take a photo because it was too good to miss!



6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Even When We’re Watching

  1. I caught my toddler munching on a peice of COAL this morning. I was in the SAME room. God knows how that happened….I just hope she got some vitamins and minerals form her snack:-)

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