I Can’t Eat Cake.

I haven’t blogged for ages and this is my third attempt at writing my “I haven’t blogged for ages!” post and for some reason it is just not coming naturally. Maybe the only thing I can write about is angry children and snot?14364859_10157567770100160_6522343111569805823_n.jpg

These children are not angry, but there is snot.

Anyway, long story short, my tablet broke and it was hard for me to type blog posts (got a new computer now, so Yay!) Short story long, I have a hard time finding time to blog. Not because there is no time, more because there’s not much time and while I love blogging and writing in general, I also love watching television and eating potato chips, and have dreams that one day  I’ll also read a book again, or like, take up running* or something.

During the day I find that my children do not respond well to me being on the computer in any form whatsoever. I’m the secretary for my son’s Parent Involvement Preschool, and on our Strata Council, so I have had to be checking my email a little more frequently lately (since school has just started and our property manager just went on sudden sick leave) and I have noticed this causes the crazy to come out in my kids.


This isn’t actually crazy, this is just everyday playdough use.

I just read a post from Bunmi Laditan (one of my faves) on her Facebook page, and part of her status from tonight sums up this truth far more perfectly than I ever could: “Children feel when you’re impatient and so they deliberately, infuriatingly, slow down. They can sense when you’re in two places at once and will use every weapon in their arsenal to bring you to the present moment.”

And so with the extra ‘computer based’ responsibilities I have at the moment,  unless I  want my son to pee on the floor directly beside the toilet ON PURPOSE again, blogging/tweeting/etc must happen only in the evenings. Incidentally,  that is also when my TV watching/potato chip eating/laundry folding/kitchen cleaning happens so, you know, something has to give.

The last part of it is that in addition to simply writing the blog posts, which I enjoy, there’s a sense that I also need to promote it. I mean, why would I post it on the internet if I didn’t want people to read it, right? But that’s more commitment than I can handle right now. To do it right, (and by ‘right’ I mean with the hope of actually getting a return on my efforts), takes a lot of time. A lot of reading & commenting on other blogs, and tweeting and pinteresting and creating a network and YOU GUYS WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?! I mean, tons of people, obviously, because there are a TRUCK LOAD of successful Mommy blogs and many of them even have LOTS OF LITTLE KIDS at home with them. But they obviously have super powers, because that isn’t me. I cannot have my cake and eat it too. I have my cake, and my children are sticking their fingers in it and smearing it on the walls and crying that they want cake too until eventually I either put the cake away, let my children eat it, or hurriedly stuff it into my mouth while hiding alone in the bathroom as they scream from the other side of the door asking why mommy doesn’t love them any more, which for the record almost entirely takes away the deliciousness of said cake. (almost).



Anyway, I love blogging so I’m going to keep doing it, but right now, this little break has helped me arrive at the conclusion that I can’t do anything more than write the stories. You and my mom can be the only ones who read them, and for now I’m fine with that, because happy kids = mommy makes it to tomorrow without throwing cake. (just kidding, I would NEVER throw cake, that stuff’s far too valuable.)

So thanks for reading. I appreciate it, though it will be three years before I have the time to reply to your comment.

*It is highly unlikely that I will ever take up running. Except if there is a bear chasing me, and he wants to eat all my cake. Then I will take my cake and run for the hills.

** The amount of references to cake in this single post alone should mean the revelation that I will never run is not much of a revelation to any one.


I made this Kladkakka at 9:30pm because I like cake THAT much. This picture was taken at 9:42pm. I’d be ashamed except if you tried it, you’d eat it all too.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Eat Cake.

  1. I need to get your address so that I may send you some cake in an unmarked package so that you can quietly enjoy it while you children are smearing the other cake on the walls. I would send a second package that looks like toys, but it is full of Mr. Clear Magic Erasers, so that your kids would then wipe down the walls with the Magic Erasers because they would believe they are toys. You are a terrific blogger and mom! Your posts are totally relatable and humorous. Keep them coming (when you can). We will keep reading. 🙂


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