Signs I May Need to Get Out More

I need to get out more.

The other day I had plans for the evening. And not ‘pretending I have to pick something up from the store as an excuse to leave the house alone’ plans, but honest-to-goodness be-there-at-a-set-time-people-are-expecting-you plans. And you guys – I was excited. Like, ‘Yay! I get to go out tonight’  excited. Shower, dress up, do my makeup excited.  And this is good, right? It is nice to get out and do things. Except I wasn’t heading out for a nice dinner or an evening with a friend. There was no date night or female bonding event in the works. No. I had to attend a meeting for a preschool that my son will be attending in the fall.

I dressed up to go to a preschool meeting.

I mean, I wasn’t in a cocktail dress,I’m not insane, (insert maniacal laughter here), but I wore a cute top and skinny jeans with boots. And heels. And I am not even kidding you, one of the other parents there showed up in pajama pants. So, yeah, I think I overdid it.

The weird thing is I feel like I get out a lot. We have tons of play dates, exciting adventures and outings, and even little trips here and there. Most of these things even involve meeting up with other adults! It is just that I almost always have my kids with me. And if you are a parent, you know – when you have little ones, you just can’t relax and have a good conversation with another adult. And if that other adult also has little ones in tow? Forget it. The conversation will play out like this.

Adult 1: Hi! So nice to see you! How are you?

Adult 2: I’m really good! Tired, but good. How about you?

A1: Well we are renovating our place right now so it-

A2: Jimmy! Put that down! No. No, those are BBQ tongs. Those aren’t a toy. Sorry, you said you’re renovating? What room?

A1: The kitchen! We are doing our cup- hold on a sec, I have to grab Suzy down, she seems to have climbed that fence.

Pause while A1 saves her child from certain death. A1 returns.

A1: Yeah, so we’re demolishing our cup- Oh, um, you might want to turn around. Is Jimmy allowed to pour his own juice?

A2: Jimmy!! JIMMY! You can’t pour that by yourself sweetheart. That is too heavy for you. Let Mommy help you.

A2 goes over, pours juice, returns.

A2: Ok. Cupboards. Painting them or redoing them entirely?

A1: Well, we –

A2: Oh shoot. Where’s Johnny? Jimmy, where’s your brother? Excuse me one second.

A2 searches the yard, finds Johnny has let himself in the house and climbed the staircase. Retrieves baby from certain death. Returns.

A1 is no longer there. A2 doesn’t even notice because she is taking a toy away from Jimmy and the kid he won’t share with.

A1 returns.

A1: Sorry, the baby needed a diaper change. Where were we?

A2: You were just telling me about your kitchen reno- JIMMY! We don’t hit. Come here please. No, now. JIMMY. COME HERE NOW.

(Insert conversation between A2 and child about using our words and sharing. A1 doesn’t notice because she is having her own conversation with Suzie about why Suzie cannot have a third Popsicle)

A2: Sorry about that. Children, amiright?

A1: Tell me about it. Oh, it looks like my husband is getting ready to pack up. It has been really nice talking to you!

A2: Yes! So great to catch up.


Yeah. Quality conversation right there.



So as you probably know, if your kids are out with you, unless Dad or Grandma has taken over full responsibility and you are hiding in part of the house where the kids can’t find you, adult conversation of any substance is pretty hard to achieve, which is why I get so excited on the nights I get to go out alone with other adults!

I get to speak in whole sentences and don’t have anyone smearing peanut butter down the front of my shirt. I can finish complex thoughts without pausing to solve a crisis or intervene in a slap fight. I can brush my hair and it won’t get immediately tangled in a baby’s fingers. So what if all I am doing is discussing parent participation hours and snack rotation. It still counts as being out, right?

Yeah, I definitely need to get out more.


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16 thoughts on “Signs I May Need to Get Out More

  1. I was the same when I went to Hollys first day at nursery.
    I actually looked like an adult when we went in. Boots, nice jeans, nice top and my fancy jacket. compared to my normal PJs (haha) or ripped jeans, baggy T and my cons.

    Then the other parents turned up and well lets just say I was slightly over dressed. Mind you I don’t know if this says something about me or them haha.

    Great post!!


    • I believe first children doing first things leads us to over dress or over do it (he had a little party for a play group and I thought all the moms would go Pinterest crazy so I made cookies shaped like reindeers. Everyone else brought store-bought. lol) The seasoned moms are the ones in PJ’s. They’ve got it figured out, I guess.


  2. I know what you mean – when I was on mat leave, I relished any excuse to get out of the house and speak to other adults, even if I wasn’t going ‘out out’. There’s no point in trying to have an adult conversation while a small person is pulling on your trouser leg, demanding your attention. #fartglitter


    • For a few months I worked short shifts on weekends. I would come home bouncing with energy and all ready to snuggle and play with my children. It was like bizzaro world. lol. I was demoing coffee machines in a mall so I got all my adult talking needs filled in one 4 hr stretch. lol


  3. Ah I can totally relate to this. I am the one that creates an imaginary shopping list just to have half an hour to myself! I even find myself making conversation with strangers for the fun of it – no interruptions. Maybe I need to get out more too? Ha!



  4. Sometimes I get a buzz out of just being in supermarket by myself. I take my time browsing and enjoy the fact I come home with more than just junk food. Sometimes I don’t even mind being stuck in traffic on my own as I get to listen to more music. Yep ,I need to get out more 😊


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