Food Your Baby is Guaranteed to Eat

Everybody knows babies and toddlers can be picky eaters, and it can be tough to get them full of the various nutrients that their growing bodies require. So I have listed a few recipes here for food that I can guarantee your baby will gobble up, without question.

Cheerios a la Floor

20160523_214950 (2)

I was going to stage this photo, until I looked under my table & realized I wouldn’t have to, because real life, yo!

2-4 Cheerios
Dog Hair

Drop the cheerios on the floor. Best if these Cheerios are several days old – I find my baby prefers them after they have been there so long I can’t remember actually serving them.
Cover them with a bit of dog hair, maybe some dirt or other mystery crumbs
Wait for baby to find them.

Playdough Salt Lick


1 Part Salt
1 Part Warm Water
2 Parts Flour
Food colouring or packet of flavoured drink mix

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
Give it to an appropriately-aged child to play with.
Either the baby will be able to find it on the table where it is being played with, or he will be underneath the table eating up the crumbs that have fallen.
Follow up with a cup of water – he’s getting at least 3 times his daily salt intake for every bite of playdough swallowed.


Pasta Au High Chair*

Boiling Water
3-5 days

Feed pasta at a regular meal time.
Wait 3-5 days or longer
Place baby in high chair.
Your baby will find a dried and crunchy noodle hiding in a crack of his high chair or under the cover and begin consumption immediately.
(Extra nutrients are absorbed when the pasta noodle is of such a specific shape/variety that you know for a fact that it is a meal from a previous month, or possibly season.)

Dog Food Crunchies

20160523_215457 (2)Ingredients:
Dog Food – wet or dry
(May be substituted for cat food in a pinch)

Feed your pet.
Place the bowl somewhere in your house. It doesn’t matter where, your baby will find it.
Babies tend to prefer their dog food straight out of the bowl but loose kibble on the floor is rarely refused.


Under Couch Flavoured Popcorn*

Stale Popcorn
Mystery dust

At some point in your life, eat popcorn.
Have a baby.
When baby is old enough to crawl, they will find popcorn remnants underneath your couch. I don’t care how regularly you vacuum, your baby will find them.


Chokeable Tidbits

Anything small and possibly sharp

Drop something tiny on the floor.
Look for it for a minimum of an hour.
When you are unable to find it, wake the baby up and put her on the floor.
She will find it and eat it within 30 seconds.


 If you enjoyed these recipes, stay tuned for my follow up, “All Natural Desserts for Toddlers: Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks”

*Recipe suggestions submitted by my friend Tiffany. She takes care of children for a living, so her recipes are child-approved for sure.


12 thoughts on “Food Your Baby is Guaranteed to Eat

  1. 😀 Thank you for the laugh.
    My eldest daughter got into Flintstones vitamins, I caught her on the floor sharing them with our dog. Thankfully, her and my dog were just fine. 😉


  2. I remember with my first child I was a fanatic about cleaning up anything and everything he spilled…I searched with a magnifying lens for items I may have missed. I lived in fear he would die from Ptomaine poisoning or worse. The second popped up a year later and it no longer mattered what he stuck in his mouth..well except for the kitty litter. That made me hurl. They both managed to survive.


    • How things changr between #1 & #2, eh? My 2nd has gotten smarter with the dog food and he grabs some and then walks away so i don’t see him at the bowl, I just see his puffed out cheeks and search in his mouth to find kibble!!! Yuck! Slightly better than kitty litter though. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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