Pinterest Has Nothing On Me

Pinterest moms. I admire them. I’m impressed by them. I am in awe of their talents. And for the longest time, I thought that I could not compete. But I was wrong, ladies and gentleman.

Let me impress you with some of my works of Pinterest-worthy art:

This cake.


This cake was made for my son’s 2nd birthday (his first birthday cake was a handy freebie made by Thrifty’s foods. Got a kid turning one? Boom. You get a free cake.) I call this ‘truck on dirt on cake’. Was going to be all ‘grass’ and some dirt but the green cake writing pen I bought to do the grass was really hard to use with my (lack of) skills, hence why there is one tiny corner of ‘grass’ and the rest is… snow?

The Process: To make this creation yourself, you don’t even need a…  um… whatever the thing is called that you pipe the icing on with.  A piping thing. You don’t need that. Just smear white icing on a cake, crumble some oreos, and stick a truck on it.  You can colour some of the icing green like grass if you must but just don’t make the design cohesive. People need to look at it and wonder what exactly it’s supposed to be.

The Result: My 2 year old was excited that there was a truck on top of it, and everyone at the party (all who happened to be related to me, which might mean they’re biased) said it was the best chocolate cake they’d ever had. Super chocolatey, super moist. Recipe here if you care. Success.

These cupcakes.


Made and decorated with my (then) 2 year old. He did some, and I did some. And I know that you are looking at this photo and you are unclear on which one of us was responsible for which cupcakes. I get it. I can’t actually tell either.

The Process: Make sure you have at least two colours of icing and that it’s not thick enough to spread properly. If you use the correct consistency of icing then stuff might look good and you don’t want that. Now raid your cupboards for whatever random toppings you have. Chocolate chips and sprinkles worked for me, but since these don’t need to actually look anything the topping possibilities are endless.

The Result: I ate almost all of them so I’d call that a huge success. Recipe can be found by reading the back of a box of cake mix.

This Pumpkin Carving


My son wanted a caterpillar carved in his pumpkin, and I acquiesced because at that time I was unaware of my skill level in regards to Jack-O-Lantern design.

The Process: Cut out the top of the pumpkin and scoop out most of the innards. Don’t worry about being too thorough, because in the grand scheme of things pumpkins don’t matter. Next, draw something resembling a worm on your pumpkin because you can’t remember what a caterpillar looks like. Now stab at it all over and be sure to cut out more than you intended to. It’s important to make sure you do not stay within the lines that you drew, or it may end up being recognizable.

The Result: The pumpkin in the picture is basically what it looked like upon completion, and it doesn’t look anything like is pretty obviously a caterpillar. The 2 year old was satisfied, so I’d call it a roaring success. Shockingly we did not win any design awards, but we did get this great picture which I’m pretty sure should be hung above the fireplace. Look at my toddler’s beaming face!

I’m gonna go ahead and post these on Pinterest. Call it a public service – I make everybody else look good.

If you’re a mom who has the talent and loves making cakes shaped like space ships, by all means do it, love it, and be proud of it. But if you’re like me and no matter how hard you try, the result is always a little sub-par, feel free to let go of the pressure and the expectation that everything needs to look professional. Just have fun. Then make sure you include your kids in the process so that you can blame the results on them.

Happy pinning!


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12 thoughts on “Pinterest Has Nothing On Me

  1. I am so proud of you for trying these adventures but even prouder that you were willing to share them with such humor and honesty! I am definitely going to pin your successes!


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  3. Love it. I’m pretty sure those pinterest pinners aren’t actually real people. I think your cake effort is pretty good. In seven years I’ve yet to make a birthday cake, although I did stay up till 2am making some Minecraft caketoppers using a YouTube tutorial as a guide!


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